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Process and Quality

Process and Quality

American Made


We have gone to great extremes to ensure that your canvas art has been made using State of the Art Technology, our contribution to the world's environment, and our 100% commitment to American Labor & Material. We have made every effort to make your canvas art using American made material and labor. Our product is 91 % made of American material and labor. Our goal is to be 100% American made. We will continue our search for an American supplier, which will then make us 100% American made, but until then our first commitment is to our customer and supplying them with the highest quality product for the lowest possible price. We have placed an American flag at each station process that is using made in American material. With your purchase of canvas art from Print My Photo On Canvas you get the BEST PRINT QAULITY ON THE INTERNET, you contribute to the preservation of our planet and you support American workers.

Quality American Made

All production processes are done under a Zero Defects Process control. We only use the best materials and all our employees are trained in our Zero defects process. The Zero Defects Process assures our customers of a rewarding experience when they purchase our products. Your canvas piece will go through five process steps, at each of these steps your canvas piece will be reviewed 100% and signed for by each technician at each of the process steps. The graphic artist processes your digital file in Adobe Photo shop, inkjet technician will prep and print your canvas piece, our framers will assemble the frame, stretchers will mount and stretch the canvas over the frame and our packers will pack and ship your canvas piece.

At each of the operations your piece receives a 100% quality certification for the following conditions, color, focus, overall image quality, frame size, quality of stretcher bars, tension on stretched canvas, canvas corners are tight, packaging, and carton quality. Each canvas piece will have a Process Certification slip in the carton, please keep the slip until you have reviewed your canvas piece and it meets your satisfaction. As you can see our process is extremely detailed and accountable to assure you that you will receive a high quality canvas piece.

If you are unhappy with the workmanship of your canvas piece, please keep your Process Certification slip handy and contact us within 3 days of receipt of your canvas piece @ 1-888-690-9997 or email us at so that we can resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Printing Process: American MadeEco-Friendly

We are using state of the art 12 color large format Canon Printers which were designed for fine art Giclee reproduction for the professional photographer and artist. The Canon 12 Color Printer is capable of printing millions of different colors in high resolution. Our printers produce a 4 Pico Liter droplet that is applied in a dithering pattern which gives us the ability to create art with the finest detail available in ink jet printing today.

Canons 12 color printer also has a High Precision Printing Format. This is an exclusive process that Canon developed for Fine Art Giclee reproductions, it was intended for professional artist and photographers who were using high resolution cameras or fine art images with extra fine detail that would be willing to pay for the slower processing. This option has been heralded by professionals as their clear choice when printing fine art.

Print My Photo On Canvas gives all our customers the HIGH PRECISION PRINTING FORMAT when their print size qualifies with 150 PPI or better at no additional charge. This state of the art process actually changes the order of how the colors are put down, it applies all the darker colors first and then applies the lighter colors over them. It also significantly increases dot placement accuracy. The advantages of this process are increase detail in fine lines, text & graphics detail, increases color saturation (enhances colors) and improves the image surface and appearance by reducing uneven gloss surface finish (gloss differentials).

Print Heads

New Canon PF-05 heads are at the pinnacle of inkjet printhead development and are on the leading edge in inkjet printing technology. The 12 color 1” wide dual head printing process is an unmatched state of the art ink jet printing process.

Each head has 2560 nozzles for each color (12 colors) and a grand total of 30,720 nozzles. These ultra precision printhead nozzles produce an ink droplet placement of 4 Pico droplet Liter. This new printhead design is a major factor in Canons ability to produce the most demanding color and or black white images with the highest degree of resolution and fine detail that others cannot achieve.

Pigment ink cartridges. American MadeEco-Friendly

Canon's Lucia EX ink cartridges maintain their brilliance up to 95 years, and are made in the USA and 100% biodegradable. It is water based and has no detrimental environmental impact. The new formulation increases the color gamut by 20%. All 12 colors of Canon's inks have smaller pigment particles and the polymer encapsulation has been increased significantly. By reducing the sizes of the pigment particles Canon reduced the reflection scatter which increases the color saturation. The polymer encapsulation significantly improved the adhesion which improved the scratch resistance surface significantly. These changes also decreased the gloss differential, bronzing, and assist in maintaining precise small dots that don't bleed on media which again increases extremely fine detail capabilities.

Lucia EX Ink has an archival rating 95 years. WIR (Wilhelm Image Research Inc.) is the worlds leading independent permanence testing laboratory and have done extensive testing of many inks for inkjet printers and have found that Canons Lucia EX Ink has a permanence rating of 95 years for color images and 200 years for black and white images. This far exceeds other inks. They also found that Canon prints were very resistant to damage from high humidity, ozone exposure, and water damage. According to WIR “whether printed in color or black and white, the prints are beautiful – and will remain beautiful - for a very long period of time” said Henry Wilhelm, President, Wilhelm Image Research.

Canvas American MadeEco-Friendly

It is 100% made in USA and has an archival rating of 75 Years. It is made of a cotton and polyester blend, it weighs in at a spectacular 430 grams per sq. meter, 22 mil thick, and coated with a coating to establish a brilliant white printing surface. This blend ensures that your picture will have the sharpest resolution, no ink bleed, and brightest colors while maintaining the look and feel of 100% cotton artist canvas. We give our customers their choice of satin and gloss finish on all pieces.

Stretcher Bar Frame Eco-Friendly

Stretcher Bars are 100% kilned dried pine with a minimum moisture content of 10%. Our supplier takes pine and finger joints the mitered ends. We use a relief profile edge that is radiused so that there is absolutely no chance of the image ever having a ghosting impression on the canvas. All frames that have a measurement of 30" or more in one or more lengths will be braced to eliminate any possibility of weight sag, and or canvas shrinkage that can be experienced in frames that are not braced over a period of time. All corners are mitered, and finger joined assembled. We then insert mechanical fasteners at each 45 degree joint as an additional safeguard. We do not anticipate you ever needing wedges but if you desire wedges we will send them with your order free of charge.

Back of Canvas American MadeEco-Friendly

The back of your stretched canvas will present itself equally as well as the front. We use all stainless steel staples that will not rust, corrode or stain. All canvas is trimmed and dressed out with black artistry tape. This not only presents itself well it serves as a preventive measure to canvas coming unraveled and or looking haggard over a long period of time.

Hangers American Made

We use 1 saw tooth hanger for all sizes up to 24” and 2 saw tooth hangers for all sizes over 24". All hangers screwed into the frame at specific locations for balance.

Packaging American MadeEco-Friendly

All our packaging has been designed to eliminate usage of harmful substance to our environment by utilizing recycled corrugated materials in its place. Our packaging is precisely engineered to eliminate contaminates that threaten our beautiful world such as foams, plastics and needless dunnage from your shipment. All framed art will have protective corners fastened to each corner. It is attached to a 200LB test packing shield that is designed to fit in a carton, which eliminates any product movement during shipping. We then pack your framed art into another 200 lb test corrugated carton that meets all UPS shipping standards.

UPS Shipping

Your framed art is then shipped to you using the worlds leading shipper "UPS".

We offer Ground and Overnight Air shipping. For more information on our shipping process, please see FAQ's.

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